Closing the gap between intentions and actions in a relationship

We all have gotten excited and eaten too much Easter bunny in one sitting. We all have thought we could jump further then we actually could. We all have impulse bought something at Target that we really didn't need...Relationships are no different. If you don't start to prepare today for marriage then you'll make decisions or lack of decisions down the road you will regret. We all know that we should prepare or take action but sometimes we don't close the gap. We need to be people who are closing the Gap between intentions and actions in a relationship. 


Close the gap between intentions and your actions in a relationship

1) If you think something Kind just SAY IT! 

For thousands of years marriages and relationships have been full of situations where people withhold kindness. They've either been hurt or haven't been praised enough to feel like giving them kindness. Its our first reaction to view love or complements as currency. That if your girl, friend, or spouse hasn't paid you with enough love or affection then you will withhold your love because they haven't paid you enough for it. You can't view kindness in a relationship as currency. You have to freely be willing to say something kind even when they drop the ball. Even when they forget or even if they hurt your heart. Love is not a currency...It is that email subscription to American Eagle that you can't seem to unsubscribe from even though you ignore it. Thats how much you should love. 

The tongue has the power of life and death...
— Proverbs 18:21

2)  If you think of something special just DO IT!

How many times guys have we promised our girls or thought that one day when you have that girl that you are going to spoil her with surprises...Show her the world....Give her something special she didn't see coming...but we forget. In scripture we see an example in songs of solomon that in the moment if you think of something special to make their day. You don't have to wait for that perfect boiiii or dat girrrll to make them feel special. You can practice for the future by treating the people in your life, your family or friends in the same way. If you see that your friend hates "XYZ" then you slide into that friends DMs and you help them where needed. If you know that your bro loves Rainbow double bubble and his break be stinkin' then help a brother out and buy him that gum. Live in the moment. Be someone who is a doer. Don't just exist in your own head. 

3) If you want something different then BE IT!

If you look at your family history what do you see? Do you see bad habit after bad habit being pasted down through generations? Do you look at your uncle bob and see that his anger issues in his marriage is something that runs in your family? Do you notice that your moms yelling is something you don't want to bring into your families or husbands life one day? If you see something in your life that you don't want...then be the difference. Far too many people see the problem in their families lives but never make an action to change the course of their future. Rather they sit back and wait till they're married but by then its too late and they've already become their angry father or drunken mother. Start preparing for the future now. If you see something in your family that you don't want in yours...or that God doesn't want in yours...then BE the the differences. This structure of talks actually comes from Songs of Solomon Chapter 5-7 so we encourage you to open it up and read for yourself. Pick up lines will change in smoothness over the years but virtues never will. 


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