In this season of life our recent collections of talks have been focused around our desire to chase after something greater then ourselves. For those in the house who grew up fluent in Christianese its known that Jesus never stops chasing us. 

But the constant encouragement to chase after Jesus is tiresome. Missing the marks, falling short, not cutting or adding that habit that is supposedly life changing can become burdens. But that emotion on our hearts is normal. When chasing after something bigger then us it is easy to start chasing after instant gratification to fill the void of achievement. 

Happiness, resources, Social status and overall satisfaction are all players in why we begin chasing after things besides a relationship with Jesus.  Luke 6:47 Luke 12:15 Luke 14:16-24

These quick fixes can bring us temporary happiness but will fade away as quickly as it came leaving a void even larger then before. Psalm 103 

the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more.
— Psalm 103

As a kid it was almost a daily ritual that we would take our dog brownies, favorite toy and have him chase us around the house. After a while we would slow down and let him catch up to us. Then sometimes he would steal something that he wasn't suppose to have and we would chase him all throughout the house until he would give it back. The poodle kisses and laughter is one of my favorite memories as a kid. 

That’s how it is when we chase God. He slows down to let us catch Him when we remove the stuff in our lives that keeps us from Him.  And when we do catch God, when we experience Him, He fills us with His joy and satisfaction. Luke 16:19-31

How can you begin today today to choose having Joy in Jesus rather then instant gratification of temporary pleasures? Because God never stops chasing us.

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