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Youtuber edits




Send me a link to your favorite channel and we will come up with a strategy to achieve that style.

+ What all do you edit?...

I cut out the ums and pauses from your videos so the video keeps your subscribers attention! I then will add your social media callouts, any B-roll submited and music if desired.

+ What is the turn around time?

Great Question! Submit your content by Monday 11:59pm and we will get you your video back Thursday afternoon. All other times we aim for 3-4 business days

+ Can you use our B-Roll?...

Yes we can! Submit to us your B-Roll VIA dropbox or google drive and we will include your personal footage with your videos!

+ How much footage can I submit to have it cut down?

Anything 20 minutes or less we can cut down! If you have a bigger project let us know!

+ How should I submit the footage?

You can submit the footage VIA the form at check out in a public dropbox link. The footage will be edited based on how it is ordered in the folder.



Traditional Approach

  • Editing yourself

    Spend countless hours editing your footage when you could be working your following to grow.

  • Investing money

    Approve a hefty budget for boring templates, high quality music rights and high performance computers.

  • Burnout

    If you spend anytime on youtube at all you will see youtubers going through busy seasons so their channel takes a back seat.

Our Approach

  • Send us your footage

    We give you access to an entire team of digital ninjas. Simply login to your account and submit your footage.

  • We do the heavy lifting

    We will begin working on your creative content immediately so that you receive everything in time for your weekly uploads. The best part is there are no hidden fees, setup costs, or extended contracts.