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Austin is a gatherer of people. What he does best is finding a need and filling the gap. If that means getting a ton of people excited or working harder then most, this visionary will get it done. You want him on your team!

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Austin has done a great job with church cinematography for the last 6 years. When you get a video from Austin, you know the quality will be outstanding. He's detailed oriented and takes the time to make everything come out great. 

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I love putting out a high quality video at just a fraction of the cost. I know from experience that it takes a normal staff member 8-10 hours to put together an announcement video but this allows us to focus on serving rather then computer work. AND he makes your church game look gold.

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Austin is pretty cool. We have worked on a few projects together and he is a ton of fun to collaborate with. He is super creative and talented. You want him working on your next project because he will give you nothing but the best. 


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Click the button below to subscribe for 5 weekly graphics for your church! You can see examples above. It would over 3x the amount to go with any of my competitors. If you're not convinced lets chat!

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Unlimited Graphics and weekly announcement videos

Get amazing weekly graphics and announcement videos for a fraction of the cost. Get your request in by Monday and you'll have it by Thursday! To get this deal from one of competetors it would be almost 7x the price. If you have any questions let me know and hit that contact tab above. 


Weekly Announcement Videos

Each week get amazing announcement videos! Fill out a short form with your script by Monday night and we will send you an awesome video by Thursday! To get this offer from a competitor it would be almost 3x the price. Not convinced? Shoot me a message!



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