Austin is a gatherer of people. What he does best is finding a need and filling the gap. If that means getting a ton of people excited or working harder then most, this visionary will get it done. You want him on your team!

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Austin has done a great job with church cinematography for the last 6 years. When you get a video from Austin, you know the quality will be outstanding. He's detailed oriented and takes the time to make everything come out great. 

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I love putting out a high quality video at just a fraction of the cost. I know from experience that it takes a normal staff member 8-10 hours to put together an announcement video but this allows us to focus on serving rather then computer work. AND he makes your church game look gold.

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Austin is pretty cool. We have worked on a few projects together and he is a ton of fun to collaborate with. He is super creative and talented. You want him working on your next project because he will give you nothing but the best.