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I create custom videos within 48 hours

that tell your audience whats coming up next at your event.



+ Can I choose my announcer?

We trade out announcers every single week, if desired, for variety. Each week you will get a high quality announcer.

+ Can I choose the background?...

Nope! We found that this is why we are the best! Thats right. Rather then a boring green screen studio, we use pent houses to film our videos. We found that industrial buildings or outdoor schenes catch peoples attention more then a plain background. We're all trying to make church more fun right?

+ What is the turn around time?

Great Question! Submit your Script by Monday 11:59pm and we will get you your video back Thursday afternoon.

+ Can you use our B-Roll?...

Yes we can! Submit to us your B-Roll VIA dropbox or google drive and we will include your personal footage with your videos!

+ Can I use people from my church?

Kinda! I can do your announcement video editing if desired. ALSO. If you have an iPhone 6 or newer I will show you how to capture steady footage of real people from your church and I will tie it into the videos to make it feel more at home. But i've honestly found people actually enjoy something outside of the building they're already in.

+ I have a multi campus. Same price?

You bet. If its the same script for every location then nothing changes. If you want each campus to have it tweaked for them, then shoot me a message and we can have a conversation.




Traditional Approach

  • Hire staff members

    Host an extensive hiring process in hopes of finding the right staff members in your local area. Lock into a long-term contract with your new hire. The other option is just to have your current staff just do it. They have an iPhone so what else could they need?

  • Investing money

    Approve a hefty budget for high-performance computers, digital cameras, lighting, audio engineering, and more.

  • Working dozens of extra hours

    New creative hires overwork themselves trying to keep up with the high volume of demands.

Our Approach

  • Send us your script

    We give you access to an entire team of digital ninjas. Simply login to your account and submit your script.

  • We do the heavy lifting

    We will begin working on your creative content immediately so that you receive everything in time for your weekly service. The best part is there are no hidden fees, setup costs, or extended contracts.


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Times Tickin'

Subscribe before Monday night at 11:59pm to get your announcement video by Thursday!

Every minute counts. Is your staff making the most of their time?



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Austin is a gatherer of people. What he does best is finding a need and filling the gap. If that means getting a ton of people excited or working harder then most, this visionary will get it done. You want him on your team!

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Austin has done a great job with church cinematography for the last 6 years. When you get a video from Austin, you know the quality will be outstanding. He's detailed oriented and takes the time to make everything come out great. 

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I love putting out a high quality video at just a fraction of the cost. I know from experience that it takes a normal staff member 8-10 hours to put together an announcement video but this allows us to focus on serving rather then computer work. AND he makes your church game look gold.

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Austin is pretty cool. We have worked on a few projects together and he is a ton of fun to collaborate with. He is super creative and talented. You want him working on your next project because he will give you nothing but the best.